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A group that calls themselves the “Friends of Grandview Park” has called for the park’s redevelopment. They made a presentation to the Vancouver Parks Board under the title “Reclaim, Renovate, and Reinvent.” The proposed renovations are to take place in spring/summer 2010. Without a deeper look, the changes seem like an uncontroversial proposal. The “Friends” … Continue reading

The Gentrification of Grandview Park

an exercise in privilege and exclusion by Roslyn Cassells and Grant Fraser The year-long closure of Vancouver’s most visited park has illustrated the push for gentrification in one of Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhoods, and the determination of the civic government to serve their political masters in the face of strong grassroots opposition to the plan. The … Continue reading

Emergency Callout in Defense of Grandview Park!! Saturday August 14th, 2010 What’s Happening? – Barbeque, Community Feast, Potluck @2:00pm Grandview Park Please don’t shy away, no one turned away for lack of contribution! – Mass Assembly @3:30pm Grandview Park In continuation of past General assemblies, please come and take part! – Live Music @7:00pm Grandview … Continue reading

Community Policing Centre promote the redevelopment of Grandview Park

Sandra Thomas Vancouver Courier Wednesday, May 05, 2010 It’s easy to write a column when I’m fired up about something. But as I searched through emails, sifted through Twitter and dropped on to Facebook several times, I realized the one thing inspiring me was good news. Stories written for a community newspaper can be about … Continue reading


March 2008 – The Friends of Grandview Park presented a proposal to the park board at a regular board meeting.  (http://vancouver.ca/parks/board/2008/pdf/bm20080310.pdf) – pgs 6-8 June 2009 – The first public open house.  Not widely publicized. -The contact person for these open houses was the landscape designer, not a park board official. -Quote from announcement on … Continue reading


On The Redevelopment of Grandview Park _ print version Print and distribute the flyer as you like!